Chrysalis (Single Version)

by The Blot

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Chapter Ten is a beautiful thing!

After a long dark metamorphosis, a new creature has emerged in our story.

The team that created this amazing beast, sounding as they did into the depths of possibility, and drawing on the quiet, undiscovered processes we all carry within us, describe their fantastic transmutation as so:

"So the song starts with the girl in the blot cocoon which she believes to be some sort of tomb, but then the cocoon starts to hatch. As the contents of the cocoon emerges, it is revealed that the girl and the blot have become entwined in a united consciousness and body (with wings). And though the song is still from the perspective of the girl, she's now exhibiting the traits of the blot, being almost wholly assimilated by it and having become this airborne deity: The Blotterfly."

The lives of the girl from Kinkos, and the Blot from a thousand books, have become one. Out of darkness both, they have been given a second life.

And now they must decide what to do with this life; one mind to choose; one powerful body to carry them forward.

Only the next chapter will reveal the path before them.

* * * * * *

This months chapter was made by Nicholas Godfrey, Michael Olsen, and Jamiyla Lowe.

Nicholas is a songwriter and scholar living in Toronto, with more creations coming to light in the coming months. Michael Olsen has gone everywhere and played with amazing bands like Arcade Fire and the Hidden Cameras. He also produces bands and solo artists, working with the likes of Ohibjou and Spiral Beach. His most recent project is the album, The Nines, which he wrote and produced for his band Our Founders. Check it out at

Originally from Montreal, and now living in the same little west-Toronto neighbourhood as our musicians, Jamiyla works in illustration and screen printing. She is a graduate of OCAD and is a frequent collaborator with the Narwhal Gallery. Her work explores the grusome and unseen links between humans and beasts. Check it out here:


There's a light that used to be
But there's no more
There's no room in my heart

There's no life without anything
There's nothing in this tune
There's nothing else without the reward

Without the light all over the world

Dewy wings, learn to fly.
Now that we're together
we'll never die, then it goes

Now that we're together
you'll deify our lives


released October 1, 2013
Music: Nicholas Godfrey and Mike Olsen
Art: Jamiyla Lowe



all rights reserved