Nothing to Read Tonight (Single Version)

by The Blot

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The sixth chapter of The BLOT songbook is "Nothing to Read Tonight" by OLGA GOREAS and JACE LASEK (music) and HOWIE TSUI (illustration).


In Chapter Six The Blot is, in a word, free.  Leaving behind the terrible Wasteland for a time, perhaps merely in its mind, our character descends into absolute calm. With a shield of synthesizer, and stepping softly with a bass guitar, The Blot walks in dreams.  Voices hang loosely in the air, and sunlight shines downward through a translucent ceiling.

Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek describe Nothing To Read Tonight as an "exploration of mind and consciousness beyond the confines of form and function."  They have designed a music that seems to float like a mist, unbound from earthly cares. Howie Tsui's art is equally unencumbered. We see The Blot leaping forward into free space, with all it has seen behind it; from the calm reflective forest to the burning desert where nothing thrives, propelled by sound and struck by visions. Tsui shows us the voyager, still voyaging.

In combination, Goreas', Lasek's, and Tsui's work is all-powerful, breaking The Blot free from a devastated world, and returning it to itself, still intact; its brilliant, colourful fabric un-dulled by the trial it has endured.

A voice asks, "Could you lend me a book?" Another replies, "Certainly."

For a creature born of words, and living on ideas, a book is much more than a brief respite for a tired wanderer. It is a life-line. And The Blot will go on.


Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek front the fantastic band The Besnard Lakes. Their new album, Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO is out April 2nd on Jagjaguwar. Visit them at and follow them @BesnardLakes. Howie Tsui has exhibited throughout North America and currently resides in Vancouver. A new catalogue of his work, Friendly Fire, which includes essays on his is practices, is available now. To order Friendly Fire, view his work, and find information on shows, visit

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Lyrics ::

I have nothing to read tonight.  Could you lend me a book?
Certainly.  Would you like a novel or something more serious?

When I am in the country I like to be alone in quietude.


released February 1, 2013
Music written and produced by Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek.
Visual art by Howie Tsui.



all rights reserved