Something Forward This Way Comes (Single Version)

by Isla Craig, Thom Gill, Keith Jones

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The third chapter of The BLOT songbook is
"Something Forward This Way Comes"
by ISLA CRAIG and THOM GILL (music) and KEITH JONES (illustration)


Chapter Three is entitled "Something Forward This Way Comes," and as the name suggests, our story is on the move. Thom Gill and Isla Craig (the creative partnership behind OG Melody) have created a brave and pulsating track, full of life and moving and shadows. Keith Jones ( has answered with a vibrant depiction of a roving individual, taking one big step after the next as it heads into the unknown.

With the gap between its mental and physical plains narrowing, The Blot's thoughts and actions begin to quicken. It is making more and more sense of who it is, and coming to terms with the world around it. For the first time it gains a sense of itself, beyond the brash hunger of its creation moment, and unbounded by any external influence. The Blot is changing.

As the track begins we find The Blot in a meditative state. We are privy to its internal negotiations as it examines its potential for love and destruction. We are introduced to The Blot's complexity, but also it's vulnerability. It is powerful, but still it is subject to the mind of the forces who seek to control it. The Blot urges us to allow it to grow and change freely, in the absence of repression and repeats the phrase: "don't hold me to a vision of what you think to be true."

With the narrative unraveling there is no predicting what the BLOT will do or how it will grow. It's becoming clearer and clearer that our role as artists and audience is to be open to anything, and truly let go as the future comes rushing in.

And new adventures will follow...

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Lyrics ::

something forward moves in the middle of night
formless restlessness holding to me tight
i can't answer the question
when i don't even know the equation
the more i think the less i understand

and i've travelled far
all over this land
felt the seasons change and the blossoms and
dug deep into the earth
struck the fountain of my birth

try to hold sand
imagine the power is in your hand
but all the while it's just slip slip slipping away
and i wish i could say "i'll always be this way"
but i can't- so….

don't hold me to a vision of what you think to be true
i have got to change and grow and change and grow like you
don't hold me to a vision of what you think to be true
i have got to change and grow and change and grow i do

i do, i do from my fingers to my toes: awake, brand new
i do, i do heart beats with you in a metronomic groove
i do, i do sense the flow of the ink in a long line to
i do, i do write the script that trips on the light to you


released May 1, 2012
This thought-jam was made by
Isla Craig - Vocals
Thom Gill - Vocals, Synths, Sequencing
Keith Jones - Illustration



all rights reserved