The Blot Begins (Single Version)

by Ryan Carley, Casey Mecija, Jake Pauls

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The first chapter of The BLOT songbook is
"The Blot Begins"
(words and music)
and JAKE PAULS (illustration)


The Blot is a songbook in the making, featuring collaborative storytelling by some of Canada's brightest composers and visual artists. Each song is a new adventure, which builds upon and responds to the ideas which come before it. The new path is determined by two song-writers, and interpreted by an illustrator. These musical and visual pairings are released as they are completed, giving real life to The Blot, and propelling it toward an unknown end.

Over the course of its life, our story will go where myriad artists guide it. We invite you to follow the twists and turns of The Blot as it takes form, and ventures out into an unsuspecting world.


In the first song we watch as a mysterious force descends upon a bookshelf and pulls ink straight from the pages.  This force takes the form of an ink blot that grows and changes with each new book devoured. Our central figure has begun its quest; not merely for ink, but for ideas.  And once aware of the power held in words, its thirst for knowledge may be unstoppable.

"The Blot Begins" is the first instalment of our musical and graphic adventure. The music and words were written by Casey Mecija and Ryan Carley of the band Ohbijou, who are also curating the collection. The illustration is by Jake Pauls (, who was there when The Blot came into being.

New adventures will follow...

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Lyrics ::

I swear it.
I saw it when the first snow fell;
a shaking from the shelves.
The ink began to run.

A pool of black
spilled from philosophy,
and snaked its way to geography.
The Blot began to grow.

Once uncloaked from books,
it wove clothes from words it took,
knowing more as it grew,
each thought a light put out.

And with all it knew
it ran across floors and flew
under the door, and out.
Into the whirling snow.

Give me all your stories.
I will show persistence.
Getting so much bigger.


released March 1, 2012
Casey Mecija - Words, Voice, Guitar
Ryan Carley - Words, Voice, Synthesizers, Production
Jake Pauls - Illustration



all rights reserved