Up To Become (Single Version)

by The Blot

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Chapter Eleven is powerful and majestic; a mountain rising a thousand feet per minute; a locomotive finding it’s new great strength.  No longer the dewy newborn, the BLOT Hybrid now rises “up to become.”
Our creative team describes their chapter as “optimistic, positive and driving.”  They have documented the excited progress of a new BLOT Hybrid, one “becoming comfortable in its own skin.”  A powerful blending of two spirits, our character seeks its centre in the simple evocation, “up to become.”  The internal mantra is set repeating like a pillar; vertical and endless.  Our character moves along the core and expands outward in great arcs, belonging always to the self.  And the more she expands, the more she longs to engage with the world outside of herself.  The mantra repeats, and above and beyond, real sound appears; “an assortment of vocal tones and textures.”  Now with a true sense of self, The BLOT can finally begin her mission to identify herself and her place in the world.

* * * * * * 

Chapter Eleven was made by Luke Lalonde (lukelalonde.com), Marcel Ramagnano (soundcloud.com/stop-oscillate), and Madison Van Rijn (www.madisonvanrijn.com).

Luke has spent many years jumping around the world with Born Ruffians (www.bornruffians.com), has recorded and performed live with countless friends, including Caribou, and in his own time made an excellent solo record called Rhythymnals.  Marcel has long wielded his secret powers behind the scenes of Toronto’s creative community, recording and producing bands like Absolutely Free and DIANA, and scoring and designing sound for film and television.  Marcel has also emerged as a brilliant live performer, moulding predestined and improvised melodies and textures into compelling live sets.  Like her collaborators, Madison is throughly ensconced in her community in Toronto.  Specializing in text-based art, she channels her most intimate experiences into large-scale window works.


up - to become

I'm floating up...


released January 1, 2015
Music: Luke Lalonde, Marcel Ramagnano
Illustration: Madison Van Rijn



all rights reserved