Winds Of The Wasteland (Single Version)

by The Blot

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The fourth chapter of The BLOT songbook is
"Winds of the Wasteland"
by NICK GROTTICK and JESSICA GIERUSZ (music) and ERIN MCPHEE (illustration)


In Chapter Four, The Blot comes upon a wrecked landscape, ruined by the hand of some great and terrible force. Although we don't see it directly, we now know that The Blot has an equal in this world; a creature capable of the same or even greater destructive power. The Blot takes a moment to survey this place where life once dwelled. Here, nothing but ashes and wind remain. What sort of creature could have done this? What great fire? What awful thing?

The path of destruction extends westward into the dying day. Where will The Blot go next? And more importantly, what is it thinking now?

"Winds of the Wasteland" brings together Composers Nick Grottick and Jessica Gierusz (of the fantastic project Bad Channels), who set the scene, and Erin McPhee (, who drew it. This creative team has painted us a desolate picture to look upon. We hear the ashes blowing, and we see the vocal lines turn, break, and crumble in a mournful sky as the sun disappears for the long night.

But in the powerful minds our artists, our story keeps a bright little spark of life in hand. Always. Stay tuned, for new adventures will follow...

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Lyrics ::

Another coast out to sea, sun sets
Varicose circuitry, sun sets out

What I do, what I see ain't nothing
Chasing tails terminate, exit time

Dancing fire in the trees. Burn, burn, iron
Spilling life on the heat industry


released July 1, 2012
Music written and produced by Nick Grottick and Jessica Gierusz
Illustration by Erin McPhee
Visioning by everyone



all rights reserved